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Dizzy Atmosphere

I started a thing. I usually don't. But last week I decided to serenade my neighbors with some optimistic music. Nothing obscure. Wasn't trying to impress. Five Stairsteps "O-o-h Child," Otis' "Happy Song (Dum Dum)" and the like. Songs that just feel good.

I've been adding a couple songs ever since and playing 'em out front just around quittin' time, hoping they might draw a few friendly faces outside.

It's working. Almost too well. I had to mark spots on the street and sidewalk today that were roughly 7' apart (six feet already feels too intimate). Turnout might've pushed an acceptable threshold this evening.

Maybe it won't survive. Maybe we'll need to find another way to listen and talk. At the very least, it's resulted in an upbeat playlist. Honest and friendly... like my neighbors.

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