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"You are a very talented artist. You make things make sense and answer our questions. Also, you don't just pick one person to share, you pick multiple people to let other people have a chance." - Layla, 3rd Grade


Thanks, Layla! The snippet above is from a note I received after teaching a recent visual storytelling workshop. It highlights what I aim to do: 


Make things make sense and foster collaboration. 


In the process, I've worked alongside supremely talented, smart, and gracious people (more than a few have become lifelong friends) and I've managed to find work that feeds my curiosity. My most satisfying endeavors have been assuring good ideas realize their full potential and sustained success. 


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife (a gifted artist and editor) and two empathetic sons with an appreciation of stories, art, and sports.


I have one novel complete, with two more and a comic strip still to come. Ideally, I'm working on them right now... or surfing... or enjoying noisy music somewhere.


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