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No One's Leaving

Pretty dang fascinating to watch fearful conservatism (apparently, the inevitable devolution of conservatism) paralyze both the UK and US in simultaneous ineptitude.

Don't think it'll last. As evidence, I submit the greatest state in the union: California. From the late '80s to the mid-90s the state went through a racist fear-of-unfamiliar-people-temper-tantrum. It was ghastly and cruel. Proposition 187 was almost fascist, or as I drew at the time, fascist-light.

But that hard right-turn ruptured and we've seen a steady and brave swing towards sensible moderation (and modernity) ever since. It required relearning some truths that should've been self-evident.

I'm a California immigrant. My family caravan reached the west coast on New Year's Day, 1980. I've lived in El Granada, Mission Viejo, Los Angeles, and San Francisco... reminders that the families of my pals Sanchez, Guerrero, and Gonzales beat me to California. (By a lot.) Today, I live in what was once a Miwok valley. (The Miwok beat everybody by a lot.) I'm here largely due to sheer dumb luck, historic injustice, a couple brave decisions, and ongoing diligence. I'm certainly in no position to suggest anyone leave. In fact, I'd encourage all to stay.

Which is really just a preamble to...

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