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Home of the Brave

The Democratic Party scored impressive wins in nationwide and regional contests this year. The success means party leadership has a new opportunity to define its brand. Recent attempts have been embarrassing ("A Better Deal," "For The People."). I appreciate the utility of slogans (see title). But as the Party navigates towards 2020, it should also consider realigning and reframing its platform. It need not be a debate between Progressive and Moderates. It's more about broad reclamation.

Below, I've reconfigured the Democratic Party to fit a more succinctly approachable agenda with a more welcoming tone (Sesame Street's secret for sustained engagement). Also, its more fun... with a geo-quiz game and calls-to-action that lead to more than registration forms or credit card requests.

Tap/Click to Enlarge (Desktop format depicted):

Democrats recently surpassed expectations wherever "reform" (correcting perceived unfairness or corruption) was paramount. Let's highlight that. Reform is universal.

Next, I corralled the entire Dem platform under three big little words: Wealth, Health, and Freedom.

It's well past time to separate the word wealth from its country club connotation and redefine it as something larger than one's bank account/inheritance/etc. It's far easier to discuss the value of biodiversity, clean air/water under the label of "wealth" rather than a more ethereal label like "environment" or "nature." Also, it provides an opportunity to discuss how infrastructure, density, living wages, green energy – all the things that lead to overall wealth – are not antithetical to independent wealth. A shared-prosperity. Right now, it's a word that conservatives currently own and use as a way to thwart investment in new ideas or common-sense regulations. Take it back.

Health is a conversation that the Democratic Party finally owns, but it's still fraught with complexity. To make sure it doesn't slip away, streamline the message to healthy populace = courage, strength, and entrepreneurial productivity. Sure, it's an oversimplification. (Just do it. Think different.)

Freedom. The GOP has defined it as leverage to mine, drill, and graze wherever the elite see fit. It's tangled into gun ownership and conceal & carry. It's all bound into corporate entitlement. But real, independent freedom – providing the opportunities for individuals to make informed choices all on their own – is most certainly something conservatives tend to sneer at. The Democratic Party should make this Freedom its foundation.

If the GOP continues its tilt towards closure and fearful tendencies, the best response is being open and unafraid. It'd make the Democratic Party what is always should be: the home of the brave.

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