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I am a practitioner of a ridiculously old-fashioned pursuit: inking a comic-strip. My kids insist I'm simply tracing... and they're right, of course.

Anyway, as the election draws to its conclusion, I wanted to to plug a recent Doonesbury book featuring three decades of Trump appearances, all the way back to his mostly harmless, yacht-loving days. Obviously, I've traced just a handful of the 30 years: the more recent, conspiracy-loving days.

I think it'd make a fine gift for Trump fans or foes... mostly foes. Probably an easier read post-election, when we can all laugh about it. Him. Again.

Other recent options (with covers and cartoons I'm proud to have traced): The Weed Whisperer and Mel's Story (one in a series of books inspired by veterans' stories).

Lastly, look for a very special Doonesbury Sunday, November 6.

As with all posts, this one needs some musical accompaniment. Hmm. YG's "FDT" comes to mind, but that's juvenile. So let's go with G0ggs "Falling In" (maybe my favorite song right now from a brilliant record). Or The Blind Shakes' "Breakfast of Failures" from a few years ago. Both worth a listen.

Wait, this might be the perfect spot for greatness actually from Africa. "Bwameawe" from Nogozi Family. At roughly the two minute mark, this song does something positively Sabbath. So good.

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