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Roland has been traversing presidential brains for decades, but his examination has never been more wholly accurate... (That hyperactive amygdala means bravery is readily available.) Happy New Year.

Songs 2018

2018 was bewildering. (And that's a kind assessment.) However, in an impressive display of balance, the year also provided perhaps the best annual collection of music ever released in my adult lifetime. For instance, 2018 saw the release of a lost John Coltrane record. I can see how a band like Death went missing for decades, but how does a Coltrane record get discarded? That’s weird. Plus, it’s good. But maybe not good enough for this year, which saw a rich sonic response to the world we live in. Superchunk's What a Time to Be Alive, IDLES' Joy as an Act of Resistance, Rock*A*Teens' Sixth House, and an astounding collection of African guitar geniuses, I’m Not Here to Hunt Rabbits were my to