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Country Belongs to Women

I've been hiding almost entirely among female sonic standbys lately. If you find yourself soured by a stormy, pornographic presidency or malevolent dicks elsewhere, Emmylou Harris and a plethora subsequent modern angelic crooners like Tift Merritt or Neko Case provide a fine antidote. I have punks to thank, naturally. I adored Social Distortion's cover of Making Believe.* It took an embarrassing amount of time to finally hear Harris' version (thanks SB). It was transmogrifying. I don't have the data to confirm this, but I reckon all punk enthusiasts eventually find country. I submit John Doe as the model.** We're just looking for honestly sung songs. It's the same reason we're enraptured by

U. Shithole. of America.

If your nation has a white supremacist leader who dismisses Haiti and African nations as "shithole countries," or doesn't understand the difference between "consequential" and "consensual" (even after bragging of sexual assault and being accused of rape), or is the only country on Planet Earth to reject really basic science... well, I'd call that nation a shithole. Thankfully, the above makes a perfect preamble to Superchunk's latest: ... and they keep on bangin' away on a couple of brilliant covers, including Corrosion of Conformity's "Mad World" and Tom Robinson Band's gem "Up Against the Wall." If you can find these singles, their proceeds benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center and Plann