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We'll never rest. My affiliations and heroes are not guiltless or altogether clean, but none has ever been allied with or on the same side as nazis. I don't think any Trump supporter can honestly make that same claim.

Alt. History

On a recent post, I noted that Trudeau has a knack for putting words in Trump's mouth (there's a book, in fact). Every imagined scenario becomes a horrible reality within a month or two. But the clairvoyance goes deeper. In 2000 Duke ran for President. By then, he'd grown (or devolved) from a parody of Hunter S. Thomson into a beast quite unlike anyone else. At least, until recently. The clip above features Duke as a digital puppet. The talented Fred Newman is acting within a cumbersome motion capture suit. Two pairs of hands are on sliders animate fingers and facial features in real-time. The system was primitive but allowed Duke to appear on live television, albeit remotely. Anyway, I watc

Rhymes with...

Before teeing off recently, Trump reportedly told members of his Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey: “That White House is a real dump." Doonesbury January 22, 2017: