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Even bad years have days when a friend bakes a plethora of mini-pies on mason jar lids in the middle of July.

Fighting the Preppy Cross

My family arrived here illegally in 1634 (my ancestors likely waited for the cheaper second or third boat. Regardless of their actual arrival date, the Iroquois Confederacy/Nation failed to ask for their papers). Revolutionary War, Civil War, Great Depression, World Wars, Red Sox... every generation since has experienced trouble. Perhaps this is the fight of our lives. Even a cursory glance at Trump's right-hand man Brannon's behavior and tactics makes a pretty compelling argument that he is, indeed, a fascist (a word I most certainly do not use indiscriminately, especially considering my fledgling presidential campaign). I imagine a paisley, gilded swastika to depict this frightening, fancy

ME 2020

I'm in! I am running for President of the United States. The ultimate outsider. My qualifications: I have a Political Science background and would be more than happy to share some of my (typed on a typewriter) term papers, especially those from Professor Wolfenstein's (RIP) demanding graduate courses. Aced 'em. In fact, if you ignored my lackluster grades in Design (looms = hard. Potter's Wheel = hard.), I think all of you would be impressed with my grades. I even beat an English Major at his own game (a story I'm saving for a stump speech). I was in the Navy. See? Okay that's not true. But there's precedent for that sort of fibbing nowadays. I don't think it should impact your support. I ma


I am a practitioner of a ridiculously old-fashioned pursuit: inking a comic-strip. My kids insist I'm simply tracing... and they're right, of course. Anyway, as the election draws to its conclusion, I wanted to to plug a recent Doonesbury book featuring three decades of Trump appearances, all the way back to his mostly harmless, yacht-loving days. Obviously, I've traced just a handful of the 30 years: the more recent, conspiracy-loving days. I think it'd make a fine gift for Trump fans or foes... mostly foes. Probably an easier read post-election, when we can all laugh about it. Him. Again. Other recent options (with covers and cartoons I'm proud to have traced): The Weed Whisperer and Mel's