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Sports Schtick

There's been a debate in my circle of friends about exuberance in sport. More precisely, what's my problem with Stephen Curry (nice guy and best, most prepared basketball player on the planet) performing a celebratory shuffle after difficult 3-point shots? Is exuberance following a shot appropriate? I see it happen in the youth league I coach. A kid makes a shot. The basket is treated like a soccer goal. But baskets are not rare. Kareem gave Magic advice about settling down after an early win. Be cool. There are to be a lot of them. Shots even more so. A player like Tim Duncan appears to assume he knew all along that a shot was going in, as if it happens all the time and is the expected outc

Winning Feels Good

I wrote this conversational piece in response to the leftist tendency of bemoaning presidential elections as insignificant and political parties as indistinguishable. It is part of an ongoing digital salon (really, an email thread) among a few smart & talented friends. Written on 11/08/2012, I'm going to use it to debut this here new blog... I've been absolutely fascinated by politics since 1978, when my grandmother began sending me Herblock editorial cartoons clipped from the Washington Post. Those cartoons portrayed stunned witnesses of the misdeeds of powerful, money-bagged men. I didn’t understand most of the circumstances, but recall the desperate, yearning eyes of Herbert Block’s swind